Sushi Super

Kan ej tryckas med formgivarens namn

5 000kr

Size: 64 x 64 cm

Illustrator file

Colurs: 6

Layers: 7

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Linda Pabst

Linda Pabst has worked as a designer for over 20 years and most recently in the advertising industry.

Linda Pabst, with over 20 years of experience as a designer, hails most recently from the advertising industry. Her patterns often carry a playful tone, whether in color or form. Yet, there are also patterns with a more subdued color palette and undertone. In addition to creating patterns and illustrations, Linda loves traveling the world. And when she's not doing that, it's the garden in Hindås that inspires her. Explore Linda's collection for vibrant pattern designs perfect for textiles.  Lindapabst  

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