Kan ej tryckas med formgivarens namn

5 000kr

Size: 64×64 cm

File format: .ai

Colors: 4

Layers: 4

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Hanna Meyer

Hanna Meyers är grafisk formgivare och illustratör, ofta med en mer omfattande roll inom både kommunikation och design.

Hannah Meyer, a graphic designer and illustrator, takes on comprehensive roles in communication and design. Her repertoire is diverse, encompassing abstract, intricate patterns as well as concrete and recognizable motifs. Although her process varies, she typically begins analogically with an ink pen, paper, and a cup of coffee, then refines her work digitally in Photoshop and Illustrator, prioritizing details and color. Explore Hannah's portfolio for a variety of pattern designs suitable for textiles, each showcasing her attention to detail and creative flair. Whether you're seeking to buy pattern designs, exploring different types of patterns, or searching for fabric patterns, Hannah's work offers a range of options to suit your needs.   Oddeyeartstore https://oddeyeart.com      

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