Art deco


Ett Art deco inspirerat mönster i sex färgställningar. Får tryckas med formgivarens namn.

5 000kr

Size: 64X64cm

Adobe Illustrator

Colors: 2

Layers: 2


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Emma Carlsson

Emma Carlsson, founder of Cheam design studio, fashion designer and pattern designer

Emma Carlsson, founder of Cheam design studio, is a fashion and pattern designer with an education from the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås and the Nordic Textile Academy. Her passion lies in pattern design, where she sees the act of putting patterns on various surfaces as akin to bringing them to life. By infusing objects with patterns, whether it's textiles, paper, or other materials, Emma believes she can imbue them with expression and effectively communicate with the user. For her, every surface that can be adorned with patterns represents an opportunity to weave a narrative.  Cheam_designstudio

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