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A new year has begun and with it a hope for a brighter future, on many different levels. The forest and nature has a unique ability the heal and energize the soul. 

We have a range of designs that draw inspiration from our nature and that give us a feeling of life, hope and health.


Polka dots are patterns that never go out of style or season. There are countless versions and variations of polka dot patterns that make it impossible to tire of. Dots can be adapted and played with endlessly until a completely new expression takes shape.

We have a whole bunch of fantastic patterns by Scandinavian freelance pattern designers. This is just a small selection of all the amazing dots available for download.

First edition. Fortune teller is one of the oldest professions in the world, regardless if you’re a believer or not we collected the thoughts of some brilliant minds that historically has succeeded to pinpoint future tendencies.

hurry slowly


Eva Jonsson has wandered the path from secondhand to a creative play with nature and photography. For more than a decade she’s been running “Stilsamt”, that started as a secondhand store but quickly became a platform for her very personal expression. We asked Eva where she finds inspiration and how she taps into her creativity.


For me, nature is so incredibly important for recovery. I can easily feel tired from too many impressions and then the forest has always been a given place for me to go to. Nature is so very forgiving somehow. And not conditioned by everyday demands and there are no norms, and achievements do not belong there. To me it is similar to a sense of freedom. To just be me, if I’m going to push it to the limit. It also feels like I allow myself to be freer in thought when I’m out in nature. I think it’s because of all the childhood adventures in the woods next to the house I grew up in. It’s wonderful to be able to take that feeling back and thus remain a child. I never want to stop being curious. I also find it empowering to think about nature’s cycle, how it always recovers (unless humans prevent it, of course). I have found that comforting to think about.


I notice color and shape wherever I go. I find most color inspiration when I look at worn house facades. There is something about the different layers that emerge, and the story they contain that appeals to me. They are not always visible and are there. Then I usually always take into account the natural shape and fit of the flowers. All flowers and plants have their own expression. Some are more sprawling, some take up more space, others are more subtle. They can often reflect my mood.

I have always had the idea of recycling with me, not only when I sold second-hand goods. It has served as an inspiration for me. To work with what I have and to make sure that something can be used in several different ways. Like the flowers that were in a vase on the table a couple of weeks ago can become a flower creation on the head which then results in a photo. I like the idea of the many different meanings an object can have.


It means many different things, but perhaps mainly to fantasize. For me, it is not always necessary to follow through on an idea I have. The most important thing for me is not to lose the thinking or the imagination. Of course, there is an incredible satisfaction in the whole process of making something concrete out of an idea as well. I appreciate every time it happens. I just as much appreciate the creative thoughts that are only allowed to exist in my head and it’s okay for them to stay there.

Then I don’t think it matters that much what I do, a game with words in my mind or a flower arrangement, just what I do. It is part of being responsive to my needs, I think. To listen to my own voice and to do things for myself, because I want to. One could say self-respect.


My best piece of advice is to fill the pockets with acorns and then put them in small vases. Soon you will have a mini forest.

I usually bring reeds home with me from walks, I think it’s very decorative.

Use the apples that are still left. Pickle, dry, bake. Tie wreaths. Dry your cut flowers.

Another thing that for me personally that can impact my mood is opening the windows. Anytime of the day. Listen to the birdsong, the wind in the trees, the rain or the wind, and feel the scents.

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