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Eva Jonsson has made her way from second hand finds to a creative play with nature. For nearly a decade she has been curated Stilsamt, which started as a second hand store but soon morphed into a platform for her own expression. We asked Eva about where she finds inspiration and creativity.


For me, nature is so incredibly important for recovery. I easily feel overwhelmed by to many impressions and the forrest has always been my refuge of choice. The nature is somehow so very forgiving. And it has little to do with the demands of day-to day life and in the forrest there are no norms and achievements don't belong there. To me is a sense of freedom. To only be myself. It also feels like I allow myself more freedom of thought when I'm emerged in nature. I think that has to do with all my childhood adventures in the forrest next to the house I grew up in. It's so wonderful to be able to take back that emotion and somehow still remain a child. I don't ever want to stop being curious. I also find it empowering to think about the cycle of nature, how it always recuperates (unless mankind stops that off course). In that though I find comfort.


I notice colour and shape wherever I go. Most of my colour inspiration is from worn walls on old buildings. There is something about the different layers protruding and the history that they contain that really speaks to me. They are not always visible but they're always present. I always take into regard the natural shape and aptitude of flowers. Alla plants and flowers have their own expression. Some are more wayward, some take up space and some are more subtle. I often let them reflect my mood. 

I've always carried with me the notion of reuse, not only when I sold second hand goods. It has worked as a motor and an inspiration to me. To work with what I've got and to make sure that things can be used in multiple ways. Like the flowers in the vase on the table can be transformed into a headpiece which results in a photo. I like the idea of the many meanings an object kan have. 


It means a lot of things but perhaps mainly to imagine. To me it's not always necessary to fullfil an idea that I have. The most important thing to me is not to loose that mindset or the fantasy. There is of course an incredible satisfaction in the whole process of making something concrete our of an idea as well. I appreciate every time that happens. But just as much, I appreciate the creative thoughts that are allowed to just exist inside my head and it's ok if they stay there. It doesn't matter what I do, a play with words in my hear or a floral binding, as long as I am doing something. It's connected to being attentive to my needs. To listen to my own voice and to do things for myself because I want to. Self respect one could say.


At this time of year, filling your pockets with acorns and then putting them in small vases. Before you know it, you've got a mini-forrest. I tend to pick reeds and bring home, I think they are so decorative. And take care of any remaining apples. Make jam, dry them, bake. Make a wreath. Dry our cut flowers.

Another thing that has a great impact on my mood is to open up the windows. Whenever during the day. Listen to the bird song, the wind in the trees, the rain or the wind and just smell the scents.

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