Our designers

Capricorn Studios

Capricorn Studio is a Copenhagen-based design studio focussing on print design, illustration and surface design. Rebecca Fredriksen is the designer behind Capricorn Studio with a background from Kustakademiets Designskole in Copenhagen and previous employment with Swedish brand Monki. Rebecca has a solid knowledge for developing both commercial and niche prints for customers. 

Evelina Waldermansson

I am an illustrator, graphic designer and pattern-artist based in Stockholm. To transform an illustration into a pattern is a game where I aim for balance and rhythm. See my sources for inspiration and pattern sketches on Instagram @evelinawaldemarsson.

Aminah Eleonora

Swedish designer and illustrator with a love for nature, fika and other sweet things. I create a mixture of playful patterns in pastel and more minimalistic patterns in monochrome colours. The motifs often depict something edible mixed freely with handwritten words.

Essy Winnerholt

I am a freelancing product- and pattern designer, educated at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås. I'm inspired by everyday impressions and events where tactile, colour and compositions are the three lead words that I use. My creative process is based on intuition and without model, my mood and rhythm steers the way.

Frida Simonsson

Frida Simonsson has deepened her knowledge in interior and fashion print design since her BA in Textile Design 2014. Her designs can be found with multiple Swedish and Norwegian companies. The design process happens with thought and emotion, with an accuracy in the print report for a more harmonious impression.

Hanna Meyer

A graphic designer and illustrator, often with a comprehensive role within communication and design. My repertoire is multi-facetted and I design both abstract patterns as well as more realistic and recognisable motifs. I vary my design process but I often start off analogue with a pen, a paper and a cup of coffee. The motif is finished on my digital drawing pad with a love for details and colour.

I Got Stripes Studio

I Got Stripes Studio consists of duo Sara and Victoria, two Stockholm-based architects and print designers. They met during the BA program in Architecture at KTH where they were classmates. A common wish for a joint creative project lead to the set-up of I Got Stripes Studio autumn 2014. Today their fabrics are sold around the world and used by a number of growing design start-ups. 

Karin Olu Lindgård

Karin Olu Lindgård is a Malmö-based designer, specialised in textile design.

"Authenticity, sensuous and the presence of the hand are important guidelines in my design process. That's why all my designs start with an analogue drawing session close to the materials. Everything I do starts from a textile point of view even if the end-product isn't necessarily in fabric."

Klara Bertilsson

Freelancing print designer, artist and illustrator. Trained at HDK in Göteborg and Camberwell in London, with a background as a print designer at Monki. I created patterns with a colourful, organic and decorative expression where wavy thingies meet a brave pallet. I happily combine new with old and natural with artificial.


Klyfta is the designer duo with a foundation in illustration, graphic design and textile design who also run a ceramic workshop. Craft is the base and the prerequisite for their imagery. The design process is a puzzle of individual analogue and digital elements that are pasted together and combined into a whole. The result is a raw but playful graphic with a strong expression in the form of interesting patterns with the hand as a clear identifier.

Lantz Varghans

We are a duo that likes to work with patterns and textiles. We both share a mutual interest in the design of the 70's and the playfulness of shapes and colours represented in this era. We see patterns as an artform and a way of expression. 

We see patterns as an artform and a way to express oneself. 

Lene Egly

From the day I realised that you cannot only draw what you see but also how you wish it would be, I knew I was going to be a designer. Since graduating I've had the opportunity of working for many different companies with textile design.

The textile processes and the technical possibilities are an important inspiration for my creativity. To know the processes gives me the possibility of working on the edge of what possible and that's where innovation occurs. 

Linda Pabst

Linda Pabst has been working as a designer for more than 20 years and has previously worked in advertising. Her patterns often have a playful tone, either in colour or in shape. But there are also patterns with a more calmer colour pallet and undertone. Besides creating patterns and illustrations, Linda loves to travel the world. And when not travelling, it's her garden in Hindås that inspires her.

Magdalena Eriksson

Magdalena Eriksson is a fashion designer with 30 years of experience of drawing beautiful patterns, garments and collections. Through attentiveness to trends and customers, she manages to constantly renew her expression in print, knit and embroidery. Few other designers have such an extensive education which is noticeable in her technical knowledge in both garment production and graphics. Her trademark is botanicals and florals in both current and classic romantic styles.


Charlotte Alfort

My design often starts with something somebody said and then I draw if from my memory. One example is the penguin pattern: "I played alone at preschool today. A penguin that walks into the pattern with its back facing. As soon as I start the rest just follows. Every pattern becomes a story of the mundane. I have a Bachelor degree in design from HGO, Gotland and a Master in Art from HDK in Göteborg.

Så fort jag börjar så händer resten av sig själv. Varje mönster blir en berättelse om något vardagligt. 

Jag har en högskoleexamen i design från Hgo, Gotland och konstnärlig masterexamen från HDK, Göteborg.


Mörka Moln

We are a multi-creative couple who just a few days after meeting each other started creating things together. The first thing we created was a children's book about a seagull who feels alienated because she doesn't make as much noise as the other seagulls. And after this project, we just continued. we realised that our differences made us into a capable creative duo and Mörka Moln (Dark Clouds) are just that - all out bright and lively creative energy combined.

Oscar Bergslind

I normally find inspiration in the smallest of details in nature where the most complex and fascinating forms can be found. These constantly changing creations have been formed during a long period, alway pursuing the best possible form and function. Just like nature has it's slow pace, I really do believe that the design process needs time so that an idea can become a product worthy of production.

Pembe Gencoglu

Experienced designer within fashion, concept, pattern, illustration with long experience of working in producing countries. Thanks to many successful projects for Swedish and international companies such as Topshop, Next and Gina tricot I have developed a wide set of skills and repertoire. In 2017 I set up my own business for design and sourcing and have since been able to focus on freelance work. I am a passionate designer who loves new challenges.


"My love for colours runs through all that I do. The motifs are gathered from my own garden and the archipelago. I see formations all the time and I collect them through small watercolour drawings. With my patterns I wish to convey a happy, calm and positive feeling. They should be perceived as easy to use with a broad usage and sustainable over time.

Studio ÄppelPäppel

Studio Äppel Päppel is a design studio based in Göteborg that consists of the creative duo Erika Lindmark & Frida Nilsson.
They work with graphic design, patterns and illustration, both on commission and with their own projects.
Their expression is playful and they tend to work with graphic and colourful patterns.

Wis Design

WIS Design is Lisa Widén and Anna Wallin Irinarchos. They are freelancing designers working in several medias: furniture, products, interior design and graphics. With a poetic and playful attitude they try to challenge and enrich industrial design. Lisa and Anna have been working together for more than 10 years after graduating from Beckmans Design School in Stockholm.

Cynthia De Viti

Originally from Paris but now residing in Stockholm, where I take on freelanceprint design work. I have more than six years of experience of working as a print designer for french companies and most recently H&M. My surroundings, nature and flora inspires me everyday to create new patterns, always with hand-painted feel and exiting colour combinations.

Lotte Kölare

"My name is Lotte Kölare and I work as an Art Director, pattern designer and illustrator. My patterns are often rich in colours and details. I gather inspiration from the world around me in the countryside and in the city. I often start off with an illustration or a sketch that I then transform into repeat patterns."

Linnea Broling

I live in Halmstad, Sweden and I take on freelance work as an illustrator and designer. I love to draw patterns and prints and I find most of my inspiration in my surroundings and in nature. My aim is to create playful patterns with a lot of end-uses.

Kate England

"My name is Kate England and I works and an Art Director, print designer and illustrator. My patterns are often expressive, organic and energetic. My inspiration comes from nature and a sense of wonder and magic. The motifs tell stories about flora and fauna, food and travels. You can fins my sources of inspiration and sketches on Instagram: @marmalademoon.design"

Frida Hultman

Frida Hultman is an illustrator and designer based in Göteborg, Sweden. She has an BA in design from Högskolan för Design & Konsthantverk and works with both corporate and private assignments within illustration, pattern design and graphic design, both for web and print.

Anna Freudenthal

With a background as a fashion designer with a degree from Esmod in Berlin, Anna now freelances as an illustrator and print designer under her own label. Shapes, colours ad structures in natures is her foremost inspiration when she creates imaginative and dreamlike patterns in pleasant colour combinations. Her designs are suited for textiles, interiors and wallpaper and more.

Emelie Nilefrost

Emelie Nilefrost är mamma, ingenjör och designer, baserad i Göteborg. Hon skapar enkla och lekfulla mönster som är perfekta för små nyfikna personer. Hennes mönster är tillgängliga för företag världen över och privatpersoner kan även köpa utvalda mönster som tyg och tapet. @nilefrostcreate 

Anna Petré

Anna Petré from Antré Design works as a graphic designer, illustrator and print designer. She creates atmospheric and decorative prints with inspiration from different time periods, nature, seasons, traditions and vintage items and more. Colour and form has always been her greatest passion and creating patterns a favourite hobby. "I enjoy working on detailed and toned patterns and I draw both by hand and digitally".


Linnea Eriksson

Trained textile designer as The Swedish School of Textiles in Borås. I enjoy creating playful patterns, both abstract and figurative and I have a strong love for bold colour combinations. I also enjoy harmony, organic shapes, textures and movement in patterns. I am always exploring new expressions and techniques.

Susse Linton

Originally from Scotland and half Danish. Susse is an illustrator and surface pattern designer who is currently based in the south of Sweden. Working from her home studio near a forest, the Susse Collection vibe is cute and happy.  She has worked with companies around the world creating a variety of editorial illustrations, trend images and patterns for children’s products. Susse’s work has also been published in books by Print & Pattern blog and Uppercase magazine. Clients include Trend Bible, House beautiful magazine UK. Her mission is to add fun to your day.

Parya Shabdar

I am an illustrator and creative designer. Scandinavian nature and culture has been an inspiration for me the past few years. Given my Eastern heritage, I often mix these two cultures which brings new and unique ideas.