A pattern revolution

The Pattern Agency is a digital agency for unique Scandinavian pattern design. We shorten lead-times and simplify the buying process through digital services. Together with carefully selected designers we offer a wide collection of unique patterns within the Scandinavian expression as well as a large knowledge in pattern design methods. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pattern Pitch™

Pattern Pitch is the service that allows you to post specific design briefs to our 30 designers. the entire work flow is handled digitally on the site: from brief, choice of pitch and communication with the designer to payment and final delivery. 

Pattern Stock™

This is our stock service; a database of 200 of the most commonly used prints in b/w ready for production and to be adapted and adjusted by you. We think of it as raw materials for designers and buyers.

The Forecast™

The Forecast är vår digitala trendrapport som släpps två gånger per år. Vi samarbetar med några av branschens främsta experter och tillsammans förpackar vi framtidsanalys på ett nytt och lättillgängligt sätt. Lanseras hösten 2022.

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