Kan ej tryckas med formgivarens namn

5 000kr

Size: 64 x 64 cm

Illustrator file

Colors: 8

Layers: 8

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Mörka Moln

Mörka Moln are a multi-creative couple who just a few days after we met started creating things together.

We are a dynamic creative duo whose collaboration began shortly after we met. Our first venture together was a children’s book about a seagull struggling with feelings of isolation. This initial project sparked a creative fire, inspiring us to continue exploring together. With our complementary skills, we bring Mörka Moln to life, infusing it with our vibrant and diverse creative energies. As surface pattern designers, we thrive on experimenting with different types of patterns and fabric patterns, constantly seeking fresh names for patterns that resonate with our audience. Through our work, we aim to offer unique pattern designs that captivate and inspire.  Morkamoln

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