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Capricorn Studios

Capricorn Studio is a Copenhagen-based design studio that focuses on print design, illustration and graphic design. The designer behind Capricorn Studios is Rebecca Frederiksen with a background from Kunstakademiets Designskole in Copenhagen and as print designer with Swedish brand Monki. Rebecca has experience in developing both artistic and commercial prints.

Evelina Waldermansson

“I’m an illustrator, graphic designer and print artist based in Stockholm. To turn an illustration into a pattern is a play where I strive for balance and rythm. All my sources for inspiration and sketches can be found on Instagram, @evelinawaldemarsson.”

Aminah Eleonora

Swedish designer and illustrator with a love for nature, “fika” and sweet things. Aminah creates a mix of playful prints in pastel and more minimalist and monochrome prints. The motifs often consist of edibles togheter with handwritten words. 

Essy Winnerholt

Essy is a product and print designer trained in textile design at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås. “I’m inspired by daily impressions and events where tactility, colour and composition are my three guiding principles. My creative process is intuitive and without model or original where mood and rythm guides me towards the end result.

Frida Simonsson

Frida Simonsson has since her bachelor degree in textile design 2014 from the Swedish School of Textiles, deepened her knowledge in print design. Her designs can be found at multiple Swedish and Norwegian companies. The design process is steered by thought and feeling but with a thorough pattern report for an overall harmony in the design.

Hanna Meyer

Graphic designer and illustrator, often with a more comprehensive role in both communication and design. “My range is wide and I design prints that are both abstract, intricate or more relatable and physical motifs. My process varies but almost always start analogue with pen, paper and a cup of coffee. The result is finalized with detailing, colours on my digital drawing pad.” 

I Got Stripes Studio

I Got Stripes Studio consists of  Sara and Victoria, two Stockholm-based architechts and print designers. They met while studying architecture at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan and their wish for a common project resulted in that I Got Stripes was born autumn 2014. Their prints and fabrics have been sold across the globe. 

Karin Olu Lindgård

Karin Olu Lindgård is a textile designer based in Malmö.

”Authenticity, animalism and the presence of the hand are important principles in my work. That’s why my process always starts with analogue sketching close to the materials. Everything I do has a textile starting point even though not all end products are textile.”

Klara Bertilsson

Freelance print designer, artist and illustrator trained at HDK in Gothenburg and Camberwell in London, with a background as print designer at Swedish brand Monki amongst others. Klara created patterns with a colourful, organic and decorative expression where billowy doodles meet a brave palett. She loves to combine old with new and the natural with the artificial. 


Klyfta is a design duo with a foundation in illustration, graphic form and textile design, who also run a ceramics workshop. The craft is the basis and prerequisite for their visual language. The design process is a puzzle of individual analog and digital techniques that are cut together and composed into a whole. The result is raw, playful graphics where they want to achieve a strong expression in interesting and useful patterns, and always with clear traces of the hand.

Lantz Varghans

“We are a duo that likes to work with patterns, with textiles in mind. We both have an interest in 70s patterns and the playfulness that existed in colors and shapes in that era.

We see patterns as an art form and a way of expressing yourself.”

Lene Egly

From the day I realized that you can not only draw things as they are but also as you wish them to be, then it became clear to me – I want to be a designer! Since graduating, I have had the opportunity to work for many different companies with textile-related products.

The textile processes and technical possibilities are an important inspiration for my creativity. Knowing the processes gives the opportunity to work on the edge of the impossible and that is where innovation occurs.

Linda Pabst

Linda Pabst has worked as a designer for over 20 years and most recently in the advertising industry. Her designs often have a playful tone, either in color or shape. But there are also those designs with a more subdued color scheme and undertone. In addition to creating patterns and illustrations, Linda loves to travel the world. And when she doesn’t, it’s the garden in Hindås that inspires.

Magdalena Eriksson

Magdalena Eriksson is a fashion designer with thirty years of experience in drawing beautiful patterns, designing garments and creating collections. By being sensitive to trends and customers’ wishes, she manages to constantly renew her expression in printed, knitted, woven and embroidered. Few colleagues have such extensive training, which is particularly noticeable in her technical skills in both ready-to-wear and graphics. Characteristic of her pattern designs are elements of plants and flowers, in both hyper-trendy and classically romantic styles.


Emma Carlsson, founder of Cheam design studio, fashion designer and pattern designer educated at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås and the Nordic Textile Academy. I have a passion for pattern design. Putting a pattern on a product, whether it’s on textiles, paper or other surfaces, is for me like bringing something to life. You give a thing an expression and communicate with the user. Where there is a surface that can be decorated with patterns, there is an opportunity to tell a story.

Mörka Moln

We are a multi-creative couple who just a few days after we met started creating things together. The first thing we did was a children’s book about a seagull who feels alienated because she is not as rowdy as the other seagulls. After this first project we just kept going. We realized that our different abilities made us a powerful creative duo, and Mörka Moln is just that – all of our bright and vibrant creative energy combined.

Oscar Bergslind

I tend to find inspiration in the smallest details of nature, where the most intricate and fascinating forms are found. These ever-changing creations have been formed over a long period of time, in pursuit of the best possible form and function. Just like nature has its slow pace, I really believe that the design process needs time, so that an idea can become a product worthy of being produced.

Pembe Gencoglu

Experienced designer in fashion, concepts, patterns, illustration, with solid experience of working in production countries. Thanks to assignments for both Swedish and international chains such as Topshop, Next and Ginatricot, I have extensive knowledge and a broad and diverse repertoire. In the summer of 2017, I chose to start my own design & sourcing agency and have thus been able to focus on new projects and freelance. I am a passionate designer who loves to take on new challenges.


“My love for colors runs through everything I do. I get the motifs for my patterns in my own garden and out in the archipelago. I see formations all the time, which I save in small watercolors. With my patterns I want to convey a happy, calm and positive feeling. They should feel easy to use, work broadly, blend in and last over time”.

Studio ÄppelPäppel

Studio Äppel Päppel is a design studio in Gothenburg that consists of the creative duo Erika Lindmark & Frida Nilsson.
They work, among other things, with graphic design, patterns and illustration, both with assignments and with their own projects.
Their design language is playful and they often work with graphic and colorful patterns.

Wis Design

WIS Design is Lisa Widén and Anna Wallin Irinarchos. They are independent designers, who work in several media: furniture, product, interior design and graphics. With a poetic and playful approach, they seek to challenge and enrich industrial design. Lisa and Anna have worked together for 10 years since they graduated from Beckmans Design College in Stockholm.

Cynthia De Viti

Originally from Paris but now living in Stockholm where I now freelance as a print designer. I have more than six years of work experience as a pattern designer for French fashion companies and most recently for H&M. My surroundings, nature and flora inspire me every day to create new patterns, always with a hand-painted expression and exciting color combinations.

Lotte Kölare

“My name is Lotte Kölare and I work as an AD, pattern designer and illustrator. My patterns are often rich in color and detail. I get my inspiration from my surroundings in the countryside and in the city. I often start with an illustration or idea sketch which I then translate into decorative patterns .”

Linnea Broling

“I live in Halmstad and freelance as an illustrator and designer. I love to draw patterns and I find a lot of inspiration in my surroundings and in nature. I strive to create playful patterns with many uses.”

Kate England

“My name is Kate England and I work as AD, pattern designer and illustrator. My designs are often expressive, organic and energetic. I get my inspiration from nature and a sense of wonder and magic. The motifs tell stories about flora and fauna, about food and travels. You can find my sources of inspiration and sketches on Instagram: @marmalademoon.design”

Frida Hultman

Frida Hultman is an illustrator and designer based in Gothenburg. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Design from the University of Design & Crafts and today works both for companies and individuals with everything from illustration, pattern design and graphic design in both web and print.

Anna Freudenthal

With a background as a fashion designer after graduating from Esmod in Berlin, Anna now freelances as an illustrator and pattern designer under her own label. Shapes, colors and structures in nature are the main inspiration when she creates imaginative and dreamy patterns in pleasant color combinations. Her designs are well suited for both textiles, interior design and wallpaper.

Emelie Nilefrost

Emelie Nilefrost is a mother, engineer and designer, based in Gothenburg. She creates simple and playful patterns that are perfect for little curious people. Her designs are available to companies worldwide and private individuals can also purchase selected designs as fabric and wallpaper. Find Emelie on Instagram @nilefrostcreate

Anna Petré

Anna Petré from Antré Design works as a graphic designer, illustrator and pattern designer. She creates atmospheric and decorative patterns with inspiration from different eras, nature, seasons, traditions, vintage things, etc. Color and form have always been the biggest passion, and creating patterns is a favorite pastime. “I like to work with detailed patterns, which go tone-on-tone, and my patterns are drawn both by hand and digitally.”

Linnea Eriksson

Trained textile designer at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås, I enjoy creating playful patterns, both abstract and figurative, and have an extra love for strong color combinations. I also like harmony, organic forms, textures and movements in patterns and with a constant exploration of new expressions and techniques.

Susse Linton

Half-Danish and originally from Scotland, Susse is an illustrator and pattern designer based in Småland in a studio with the forest in the background. Her expression is sweet and happy. Susse has worked with several international companies with both editorial illustrations, trend images and patterns for products for children. Her goal is to add joy to your day.

Parya Shabdar

“I am an illustrator and creative designer. Scandinavian nature and culture have been an inspiration for me in recent years. Given my eastern background, I often mix these two cultures and come up with unique ideas.”

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