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We’re on a misson to reclaim the international spotlight that Scandinavian print design once had in the 1950s. We also want to support independent designers and raise awareness about the quality, time and effort that goes into creating prints, patterns and motifs. Elements that can make a brand or bring new products to life or give life back to existing products through remake or redesign.

And we want to do so by using technology and digital tools. Finding new prints and patterns can be a time-consuming mission – The Pattern Agency is an online platform available 24/7 with a database of more than 200 unique prints by independent designers.

But we also like old-school and therefore our clients can book digital consultations when creative direction is required or if it’s simply to hard to choose which prints to put in your collection. We have a roster of skilled people in our network that can help our clients find the best expression for their brand or their products.

The Pattern Agency was founded in 2016 by Ellen Flybäck as she felt that there was an opportunity to improve the processes for purchasing patterns and graphic design, for both parties – freelance designers and buyers. We want to digitize the flow and facilitate access to high-quality Scandinavian pattern design through smart and user-friendly services. Always digital, always available.

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Ellen Flybäck

Ellen Flybäck

CEO & Founder

unique prints

The Pattern Agency is a digital agency for independent Scandinavian print designers. We offer a wide catalog with unique patterns within the Scandinavian expression that are production ready. Paired with knowledge in pattern and print design as well as collection building.

Available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Pattern Stock™

Pattern Stock is like a raw material warehouse for designers and buyers; over 200 classic patterns in black and white, ready for production, just adapt color, scale to fit your product and material.


If you need a helping hand in building a range or if you are unsure about which print to choose for your product, book a consultation with us. We have helped companies with product development and built collections.

A collage wall featuring a variety of artwork and designs, including photographs, illustrations, and fabrics watches. The colorful patterns and imagery create a visually interesting display.

Pattern Pitch™

Pattern Pitch is the service that allows you to outsource specific design assignments to our 30 designers. The entire flow is managed digitally on the site; from brief, selection of pitch and communication with designer to payment and final delivery.

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