We are an innovative pattern & print design agency that shortens lead-times, simplifies product development but mainly offers the best Scandinavian print design around. All digital, available 24/7 and super-fast. 

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"Makes our job easier and faster"
"The Pattern Agency makes our job easier and faster. This results in unique patterns of high quality that we can adjust and adapt to create a beautiful and unique product for our end-consumer."

"Loved by our customers and us"
"Through The Pattern Agency we have found several prints for our clothing collections that our customers love and we as well."

"Smooth & dependable delivery"
"We have used The Pattern Agency at multiple occasions. It's smooth and dependable delivery and we have been pleased with the result every time" - Linn Ahlsén, Creative Director, MORRIS


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Eva Jonsson has made her way from second hand finds to a creative play with nature. For nearly a decade she has been curated Stilsamt, which started as a second hand store but soon morphed into a platform for her own expression. We asked Eva about where she finds inspiration and creativity.

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The digital full-service agency for buying and commissioning Scandinavian print designbuy unique patterns from hand-picked designers, download a stock-design or post a brief for a commissioned design.

The Pattern Agency

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